Together in the Future

When Siegfried Wagner and Manfred Runge established Ruwac in 1976, they were in complete agreement about their objective: to produce the best industrial vacuum cleaners. Industrial Vacuums that would cope with any type of material, could be used in the harshest environments and customized to the requirements of any situation.

So, there was no room for compromise, right from the start. Today RUWAC not only is the leading producer of industrial vacuums in the world but offers solutions for almost any dust collection task. With its three regional manufacturing and service centers RUWAC can serve local and global customers alike in almost every country of the world.

All of this is only possible because our experienced employees. We honor their work, and invest into their development. It is important that our employees have a good working environment. In our believe this is not only a matter of material – we live a culture of trust, openness, friendliness and thoughtfulness.

Currently we employ 150 people. We are large enough to offer secure and versatile workplaces with good possibilities for individual development. Still we are small enough so that every employee is able to contribute to the companies success and get recognized.

The best advertisement for our working culture are our employees. Contact them to find more about the resons to work at RUWAC.