The safety and performance of industrial dust collection systems is often “mission critical”. Wrongly specified machines as well as operators, who have not been trained properly, can cause serious risks to industrial work environments. That’s why every RUWAC employee in sales and service has to successfully complete comprehensive training programs.


We offer several in house trainee programs suitable for both existing employees and new staff, who will receive specialist training prior to their assignments throughout Asia. Trainee programs typically last between 6 and 12 months and include theoretical and practical training in Thailand.

Career prospects offered by RUWAC Asia are manifold including positions as area or country managers, marketing specialists as well as opportunities in business development,  research, technical support and  multi media design.


“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” a saying which is also true when it comes to finding one’s future profession. 

At RUWAC Asia we offer internships for young students of various levels and backgrounds.

Internships typically last 3 – 12 months. 1 month introductory internships may also be offered to suitable candidates.

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